The room was filled with happy good-deed doers!


Over 300 people joined us for a grand celebration of philanthropy on Thursday, February 12 at the Renton Pavilion. Guests listened to music from Miles From Chicago, while RCF recognized over $200,000 in grants from the Circle of Giving, The Next Curve and First Financial Northwest Foundation Fund. We also inducted the first class of award winners into the League of Extraordinary Givers.


RCF also celebrated its 15th anniversary with a cake from Mike's Amazing Cakes that truly represented the party atmosphere. It was a giant champagne bucket, filled with a large bottle of exploding champagne. But it was all cake! Rich Wagner, board president, announced that the Foundation grew from managing just 2 funds and $257,000 in 1999, to managing 50 funds and over $8 million today.


The goal was to elevate the conversation around philanthropy and to get more people involved. Based on the number of people there that night, comments afterwards, and news of people already stepping up to volunteer, the night was a big success!

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