For this funding, we are prioritizing basic needs and those communities that are most impacted by racial inequities. To date we have supported the following organizations:


Access To Our Community (ATOC) - safeguards the rights of marginalized refugee communities to safe and affordable housing in South King County. The Covid Fund provided rental assistance support for their community members.


Afghan Health – for their Immigrant-2-Immigrant program that will help their community champions provide basic needs support to their clients.


African Community Housing and Development – for stipends for their community volunteers during the pandemic.


AMPowering - helps communities and homeless people in Renton with food, groceries, personal hygiene items, masks, financial assistance, interim shelters and in any other way they need help to cope up with the situation due to COVID.


ANEW - for emergency support for their apprentices, such as utility and rental assistance, child care costs, and gas cards.


Babies of Homelessness - for supplies as they deliver diapers and other needed products to low-income/homeless families.


Cedar River Clinics –  for emergency operating funds that will help subsidize medical supplies and staff salaries so they can continue to offer patients quality, compassionate care.


Centro de Amistad Cristiano – for rental assistance to the congregants of this Auburn church who have lost their jobs due to COVID or who are underemployed.


Centro Rendu – for food and rent assistance to the Latino community.


Coaliton of Filipino American Organizations of Washington – for basic needs support of their community.


Coleman's Family Services - to support their clients with mental health counseling and basic needs such as electronic devices, food, and rental assistance.


Communities in Schools - Renton Tukwila - Emergency Fund for gas and food cards, etc.


Community for Youth - for their “COVID-19 Emergency Fund” to assist students and families in the 2020/2021 school year with basic needs such as food, gas cards, utility assistance, etc. to prevent homelessness and other hardships.


Crisis Connections - to support new staffing needs as a result of dramatic increase in calls to the 2-1-1 line.


Domestic Abuse Women's Network (DAWN)  - for assistance to domestic violence survivors.


El Comite - to help them disburse support such as food, masks, and cash assistance to families that are in a dire economic situation because they have not been able to access other support due to their immigration status.


Emergency Feeding Program – for operating support to help them continue their feeding program.


Evergreen Treatment Services REACH Program – to provide food, supplies to shelter-in-place (tents, sleeping bags, blankets), and cell phones so that the most marginalized people can access telehealth services and the COVID-19 hotline.


Freedom Church of Seattle -  for their feeding programs and helping families with housing support.


Grassroot Projects  - for outreach in South King County to support children's health, nutrition, clothing, education, and cultural needs in the pandemic recovery.


Guided Pathways - to help them further expand outreach and services, focusing on and emphasizing the mental health and  well-being of Black and Brown parents, youth and children.


Integration Family Services – for basic needs support of African immigrants in South King County


Kent Food Bank and Emergency Services – for their food distribution program.


King County Sexual Assault Resource Center - for their legal advocacy, trauma-specific therapy, parent education, and case management services to victims of sexual assault and their families.


Luther's Table -  to provide 100 dinners 6 nights a week for vulnerable populations in Renton.


Margie Williams Helping Hands Center – to provide food for Renton area residents.


Mother Africa – to provide rental assistance and food gift cards to African refugee an immigrant families.


Multi Service Center – for rental assistance.


Neighborhood House - to support their Aging and Disability Services Department. Specifically, this grant will provide food and emergency services to seniors.


Organization for Prostitution Survivors - to address the mental, physical, and safety needs of those they work with.


Outreach Ministry of the New Beginnings Christian Fellowship  -  to expand its meal program for seniors in the Renton/Kent East Hill area that are shut in due to the pandemic.


Para Los Niños – for grocery cards for their community family members.


REACH – for general operating for their wrap-around services.


Refugee Women's Alliance (ReWA) -  to provide rental assistance and grocery and gasoline gift cards for Renton area residents.


Renton Area Youth and Family Services (RAYS) – for basic needs and emergency funding to low-income first-time parents (e.g. medical supplies, rent assistance, etc).


Renton-King County Alliance for Justice – for capacity building and supporting rent and food assistance to Black and Brown families in need of help.


Restoration House Ministries NW - for emergency food distribution, shoes and clothing for children, addressing housing issues, and emotional support for youth.


Shared Bread – for rent and utility assistance to families in Kent. This is a program of Kent United Methodist.


The Silent Task Force - to heal and engage the community in responding to the realities of domestic violence, and to support survivors during COVID-19.


Somali Parents Education Board - for providing community building and essential resources to community members in Skyway.


Somali Youth and Family Club – for culturally and linguistically competent information, food support, online tutoring, and housing referral.


South King Food Fighters - for serving weekend meals to Renton and Tukwila families.


Summer Search - to support youth from low-income backgrounds with mental health, mentoring, access to resources, and emergency funding.


Treehouse – for their Just-in-Time funding program that provides rental assistance, grocery gift cards, utility payments and phone bills when public assistance isn’t available for youth and young adults in foster care.


Tukwila Pantry – for buying food, paying for extra staffing, and diesel for refrigerated truck.


Ubumwe Women’s Association – for Christmas cards for families.


Ukrainian Community Center of Washington - to support its community’s basic needs: food and housing provisions, mental health counseling and support, and family support services for those in high risk of domestic issues and/or violence.


Urban Family - Working with families in Skyway and providing Care Packs to help them during this crisis


UTOPIA (United Territories Of Pacific Islanders’ Alliance) – for health and financial support to their community members.


Vine Maple Place - for emergency housing, food, and mental health support.


Vision House - for general operating support as they work with their families, particularly with mental and emotional needs.


Washington Dream Coalition – to support basic needs of undocumented residents in South King County.


Way Back Inn – to support their 10 transitional housing units and basic needs for families.


Westside Baby  - to deliver emergency diapers, wipes, formula and other most needed items to South King County organizations working with families whose health and economic well-being is most impacted by this pandemic.


YWCA Anita Vista  - to support domestic violence survivors in this South King County transitional housing center.



We will continue to meet weekly until all the money is disbursed. We have raised just over $350,000 to date and hope to continue to raise more funds to meet the needs of our community.


We are so grateful to our donors who have made this support possible:


Peter Aiau and Susan Ormbrek

AFT Renton Local 6367

Cary Anderson


Jerri Armstrong

Julie Alward

Char and Jim Baker

Ballmer Group

Sara Barbee

Banner Bank


Zane and Alison Behnke

Brenda Berg

Bernier McCaw Foundation

Loilta Burnette

Meredith Bush

Sandy Cirlincione

Paula and Bill Clapp

Janet Crumley

Crissa Cugini

Aaron Easter

Greg Ehlinger

ESK Foundation

Linda Foley

Teresa Franklin

Jim Freeburg and Lisa Dahlby Freeburg

Melissa and Jon Glenn

Mary Gotti

Melanie Hall

Matthew Michael Hanbey

John and Petra Hansen

Harper Egineering Children's Needs Fund

Beth Hintz

Hallie Rose Hominda

Benita Horn

Jonna Lee and Robert Hough

In It Together LLC

Jon and Mollie Kaufman

Jean Kim

Lynne King

David Kroeger

Larsen Family Fund

Duy M. Le Giving Fund

Michael Louie

Marlene and Roger Winter Fund

Maxwell Fund for Youth and Families

Bob and Kathy McBeth

Marta Messelu-ola

Ted Myers

The Next Curve

Valerie O’Halloran

Armondo and Angela Pavone

Jim and Joy Poff

Reeder Family Fund

Renton Firefighters

Karl Ritzau

Judi & Ray Schafer

Linda M. Smith

Statewide Capacity Building Collaborative

Jim Sullivan

Johann Tan

C Rhea Thompson

Candace Tkachuck and Don Guthrie

Patricia Tucker-Dolan

Larry and Velma Warren

David Wyman

Don York



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