The more money you have available in your fund, the more your fund can do for the community. For this reason, RRCF offers several ways to bring new money into your fund, such as:


Giving Days - In 2017, RRCF launched its first “Under One Roof” Community Campaign. This campaign is a single day of giving with the goal of encouraging new donations to our individual funds. RRCF designs the promotion and gives you the tools to encourage friends, family, and colleagues to join you in your effort to help others.


Online Giving - Through RRCF, you can promote credit card donations, making it easy for people to join you in giving back to the community.


Tribute Gifts - The Renton Regional Community Foundation accepts all forms of tribute gifts, whether they are in memory of a loved one, or in honor of a special occasion. We will send a personalized letter or note to the appropriate individual or group, letting them know that you have thought of them in this generous way.


Networking/Promotion: RRCF offers several ways to promote your fund. We provide display space at our annual CELEBRATE! The Love of Community event. We often tell stories about the work specific funds are doing when we make public presentations. We include articles in our newsletter or on the website.


Fund Catalogue - Rather than providing only a list of our funds, RRCF has designed a grant catalog that potential donors can access from the main page of our website. This catalogue illustrates the important work that each fund does in the community, along with links that direct visitors directly to our donation page.


Pooled Investments - RRCF invests your money with US Bank Charitable Services Group, which provides investment services only to nonprofit organizations. They have our best interests at heart and are committed to following our investment policy to help grow our funds.


Special Events - For a small additional fee, RRCF can provide the back-office support necessary for successful fundraising events to help you expand your donor base and bring in new money to your fund.



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